Details about Folgefonni Glacier Team, Folgefonna Research projects, Folgefonna National park, and Fonna Glacier Ski Resort

Folgefonni Glacier Team

Glacier guiding at Folgefonna has traditions dating back to the 19th century, we are proud to be able to continue this tradition.

Glacier guiding at Folgefonna, the third largest glacier in Norway. Additional activities are kayaking, skiing, snow shoeing, climbing and bicycling. Our main office is Juklafjord situated in Jondal, and we have a guide shop in Fonna Glacier Centre, but we arrange tours all over the Folgefonna peninsula. Company was established in 1994 and have been growing based on giving our customers a unique nature experience on a sustainable way. Knowledge and respect for nature is a corner stone in all our operations, and safety has always-number 1. Priority. We are member of Norsk Fjellsportforum and all our guides are educated and certificated through this organization.

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Glacier Road café, and main administration office for Folgefonni Glacier Team.

At Juklafjord you will find all the information you need to plan your next trip on the mountain, glacier or fjord. Over a cup of coffee, you get local tips and advice on everything from travel to equipment and route choices. The exhibition "Folgefonna and the fjord villages" inspires to explore more of the region.

Fonna Glacier Centre

Signal building at the glacier edge of Folgefonna. Restaurant, ski rental, and our guide shop.

The building from 2020 is an attraction in itself with architecture and construction that can withstand the extreme climate in the glacier edge 1200 meters above sea level. The Fonna1199 restaurant serves high quality local food and drink. Several of our glacier hikes starts from Fonna Glacier Centre. We also sell selected glaciers and mountain equipment from our guide shop.

Fonna Glacier Ski Resort

The summer ski resort has been in operation since 1988, for professionals and amateurs.

In summer time, there are not many places in the world where you can find better conditions for alpine and freestyle than Fonna. A unique atmosphere where the best athletes in the world ski side by side with us ordinary people. The fact that the Hardangerfjord is only 19km away makes Fonna unique. One of the places on earth with shortest distance from salt water in the fjord to blue ice on a glacier.

The ski resort have ski rental with modern equipment and a small sport shop.

Folgefonna National Park

National park from fjord to glacier, opened in 2005 by Queen Sonja of Norway.

Folgefonna National Park is a Norwegian national park located on and around the Folgefonna glacier in Western Norway. The park was established in 2005, to «preserve a large and virtually untouched nature area, which ensures the wholeness and variety of nature from the lowlands to higher-lying areas with mountains and glaciers, preserve valuable watercourse nature, ensure biological diversity with ecosystems, species and populations, secure important geological deposits and secure valuable cultural monuments. Folgefonna National Park covers an area of 545 km².

Folgefonna Research

A glacier is a climate indicator. If the climate changes, so does the glacier.

Folgefonna is one of the most researched glaciers in the world. By mapping the distribution of the glacier back in time, one has been able to reconstruct the prehistoric climate. This is important knowledge to understand what is happening to the climate now and be able to predict the climate of the future.

Recent research projects have also revealed what hides under the ice, and how the glacier will change with future climate.