What a season!

The 2022 season has been fantastic so far. We haven't had the best weather, we've had a lot of snow and little ice on the glacier, but we've had a fantastic number of nice customers. Unfortunately, we have been fully booked for periods, so we apologize to everyone who has not been able to experience Folgefonna. Furthermore, now in September we have increased our capacity and hope for a nice autumn at Folgefonna. We now have a lot of nice ice to explore, and are happy to show you our "office" which is made of ice and is constantly moving. Being at Folgefonna should give you greatness and a feeling of experiencing something meaningful that you take back with you and make everyday life a little better! We don't want to be a tourist machine, we want to let our guests experience the greatness and love of the landscape that we ourselves have. See you at Folgefonna! Sharing some pictures from 2022 season so far with you.

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