30-years Anniversary

In 1994 a few but simple core values was established by the founders of the company Bård Kråkevik and Jostein Bakke, this has been the key for success! For 30 years we have been true to these values. We want to combine a world class nature experience with knowledge about nature and culture history, and if this is also combined with some personal challenge a guided hike with Folgefonni Breførarlag is a memory for life.

Åsmund Bakke has been manager since year 2000 and have developed the company slowly year by year together with good people around him, always on the natures premises, the guided hikes should always have a minimum impact on the nature and wild life. The highest priority every day is safety for both employees and guests, a sentence all glacier guide know is, "safety first"! The company offers guided hikes for everyone, from easy panorama hikes to challenging ice climbing hikes. The activities are spread out on different locations on Folgefonna, arrange also glacier kayak tours. Arrange tours all year, but main season from June to October.

Approximately 60 000 people have been on a guided hike with Folgefonni Breførarlag since the start in 1994, and in 2023 the total yearly turn over is 7 MNOK, and if we multiply this with a factor of 5 we can say the ripple effect of our business now is minimum 35 MNOK yearly.

Over these 30 years more than 200 glacier guides have been working for us and helped us to develop the company and the hikes, without all these great people the company would not survived for 30 years! But of course most of all we need you as guest to exist! Now we look forward to celebrate the 30th anniversary with you on Folgefonna!

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