Fonna Glacier Center

The spectacular Fonna Glacier Centre

Since 2009, it has been working hard with new and better facilities for the summer ski center guests and other tourists visiting Fonna Glacier Ski resort in Jondal. This to increase the comfort for all guests, and make the destination interesting to visit even if you don't plan to ski or hike on the glacier. In addition, a high quality restaurant in this unique landscape by the glacier 1199 meters above sea level have been missing. It is almost unbelievable but during the summer of 2020 the building was ready. It is a signal building designed by architect Lars Berge, and a great restaurant has been put in place. Thanks to every one who has been working hard for this and also for those who have invested money into this project. We are therefore proud to be able to start the 2021 season in our new premises in Fonna Glacier Center.

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